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Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu Options (2024 Guide)

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Wondering what you can eat at Olive Garden when you’re gluten free? Let’s break down their cross contamination policies and menu options so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to go, and what is safe to order.

Olive Garden is a popular American restaurant chain that specializes in Italian-American cuisine and is known for its casual dining atmosphere.

If you have celiac disease, food allergies, or gluten sensitivity, you might be wondering what’s on the Olive Garden gluten free menu.

Olive Garden is a favorite spot for those itching for Italian food and their regular menu includes pasta dishes, soups, salads, and their famous breadsticks.

GOOD NEWS! You can make your own Olive Garden copycat Gluten Free Breadsticks right at home! they’re super easy and sooo good, you’re gonna love them.

I’ve served them to my kids’ gluten-eating friends and they can’t get enough!

Unfortunately, the Olive Garden gluten-free menu is pretty limited. They do, however, offer a few options for those who feel comfortable with their preparation methods (more on that below).

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Olive Garden has a list of gf options for those who are on a “gluten sensitive diet”. Here are a few statements from their website explaining their gluten-conscious menu and procedures:

“Our menu items are freshly prepared in our kitchens, which are not free of gluten. Cross-contact with other food items that contain gluten is possible.”

“The menu items we call “gluten sensitive” are our menu items that are made without gluten-containing ingredients. We do not claim these items are “gluten free” because we have not chemically analyzed them to confirm if they meet the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) definition of “gluten free” (20 parts per million of gluten). While we do have processes and procedures in place to minimize cross-contact with other gluten-containing foods, these items may not be suitable for our guests who are highly sensitive to gluten.

Please know that our “gluten free” pasta does meet FDA’s formal definition of gluten-free.”

“When you tell your server that you have a food allergy, they will add this information to your order. This will alert the kitchen that you have a food allergy and will trigger several processes, including changing their gloves and serving utensils. Each of our managers has completed a food safety course, which includes basic information about food allergies, in addition to safe food handling practices.

Even with processes and procedures in place, we are mindful that we are not an allergen-free facility. As such, we cannot guarantee that any item is free of any allergen.”

Good News: Olive Garden does use a separate pot and holding area for gluten free pasta.

Bad News: Olive Garden does not have a separate fryer, so be wary of anything fried if you are sensitive to cross contamination.

Cross contamination is clearly a risk when eating at Olive Garden, so if you have celiac disease, a serious allergy, or are otherwise very sensitive to cross contact, you might consider choosing a more gluten-free friendly restaurant.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to cross contamination, Olive Garden gluten free menu options might not be a safe spot for you to eat due to risk of cross contamination.

If you’re choosing a gluten-free lifestyle for personal reasons, gluten sensitivities, non-celiac gluten intolerance, or a medical condition that isn’t affected by cross contamination, you can still enjoy a delicious gluten-free pasta dish at this popular chain restaurant.

If you decide to eat at Olive Garden, be sure to let them know you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy before ordering and ask them to change gloves and possibly get ingredients from the back where they haven’t come into contact with other ingredients like croutons.


The following gluten free menu items are listed on Olive Garden’s Gluten-Sensitive Menu on their website as of 2.13.2024. Be sure to check with your specific restaurant as menu items can vary by location and can be changed at any time.

You can find Olive Garden locations here

We have tried the zuppa toscana soup, house salad without croutons, grilled chicken parmigiana, and gluten-free rotini pasta with marinara sauce from the gf menu.

Honestly, the gluten free noodles were a great texture and very similar to traditional pasta. the grilled chicken parm was delicious, and I always love the soup! Of course, the salad is a must as I’m a big fan of Olive Garden Italian dressing and all the toppings.

The portion sizes are great and we took home leftovers.

As a disclaimer, my husband has EOE and isn’t as sensitive to cross contact as someone with celiac disease, so be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations and do what is best for your own health.

Olive Garden Gluten Free Soup

  • Zuppa Toscana Soup (a creamy potato soup with Italian sausage and kale)

Salad Options

  • Famous House Salad (be sure to order without croutons)


Entrees are served with a complimentary salad or soup where available. The gluten free options are a garden salad with no croutons or zuppa toscana.

  • Grilled Chicken Parmigiana (grilled chicken parmesan)
  • Herb-Grilled Salmon
  • 6 oz Sirloin
  • Gluten-Free Rotini Pasta with Marinara Sauce
  • Gluten Free Rotini Pasta with Meat Sauce

Kids Meals

Kids menu items are served with a side of grapes or broccoli and Include 1% low fat milk for children under 12. 

  • Grilled Chicken with Gluten Free Rotini Pasta & Marinara
  • Gluten Free Rotini Pasta with Marinara
  • Gluten Free Rotini Pasta with Meat Sauce


Additional menu items might be able to be modified gluten free. Don’t be afraid to ask your server if something can be made gluten free by swapping for gluten-free pasta or substituting meat or other ingredients.


If you have other food allergies or sensitivities like we do, you’ll appreciate that Olive Garden has a separate allergen guide. You can view Olive Garden’s allergen menu here.


If you’re gluten free and planning a trip to Olive Garden, here are a few tips to ensure you have a good experience:

  1. Review the gluten-free options on their menu beforehand so you know what is available.
  2. Be sure to let your server know your dietary needs upon arrival, and also include whether you have celiac disease or a severe allergy.
  3. Avoid peak times so the kitchen staff has adequate resources to ensure the safety of your food.
  4. Whenever dining out with dietary needs, it’s a good idea to call your specific location ahead of time and ask about their gluten-free menu options and what precautions they take to ensure it’s a good fit for you.


The NIMA sensor is a device that measures the gluten content in food. It can be a useful tool for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to check if a food item is safe for them to eat.

While the NIMA sensor is cool, it does have its limitations. It might give false positives or negatives sometimes, so it’s not 100% foolproof.

Also, it only detects gluten and not other allergens. So, while it’s handy, it’s still good to double-check with other info if you have serious allergies or celiac disease.

My friend Jenny from Good For You Gluten Free took her NIMA sensor to Olive Garden and had mixed results with some dishes testing gluten free and others not. You can watch her Facebook Live if you would like to see how it went.


On a gluten-free diet but you love to eat out? check out my Panera gluten free menu, updated every year!


Does Olive Garden dressing have gluten?

According to the Olive Garden website, their Italian salad dressing does not contain any gluten ingredients but is prepared in a kitchen where gluten is present.

Is Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo gluten-free?

Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo is not gluten free, because they used wheat-based pasta and flour as a thickener in the sauce.

Why doesn’t Olive Garden Have Gluten-Free Breadsticks?

Hey, great question! The well-known Olive Garden breadsticks are made with wheat flour, which contains gluten.

Creating a gluten-free version that matches the taste and texture can be quite challenging. If you’re interested in making your own at home, here is a copycat Olive Garden Gluten Free Breadsticks recipe that is super easy to make!

Does Olive Garden have separate fryers for gluten free items?

According to Olive Garden’s website, they do not have separate fryers for gluten free items. If you have celiac disease or are otherwise sensitive to cross contact, you’ll want to avoid any fried items at Olive Garden.

What does gluten conscious mean?

Gluten conscious and gluten friendly are interchangeable terms used to describe food items that don’t contain gluten-containing ingredients, but probably aren’t considered safe for someone with celiac disease or a severe allergy.

Does Olive Garden Cook Gluten Free Pasta Separate from Regular Pasta?

According to their allergen guide, Olive Garden cooks gluten free pasta in a separate kettle, after which it is taken to a specific holding zone until being plated and served to avoid risk of cross contamination.

What are the ingredients in Olive Garden’s Gluten Free Pasta?

According to Olive Garden’s website, their gluten-free pasta uses brown rice flour as the primary ingredient. It does not list any other ingredients.


If you have celiac disease or are otherwise sensitive to cross contamination, Olive Garden might not be the best restaurant option for you.

The lack of options on Olive Garden’s menu is also disappointing so honestly, I would rather eat somewhere else.

I recently visited Siragusa’s Italian restaurant in Utah, and was impressed by their HUGE gluten-free menu which included just about any pasta dish and even house-made meatballs.

It’s worth checking your local Google listings and gluten-free groups to see if there’s a better alternative to Olive Garden where you can sit down and enjoy some fine Italian fare in a safe way.

PRO TIPS For cooking gluten-free pasta

  1. If you want to try your hand at making any number of Olive Garden copycat recipes, I recommend using either Jovial gluten-free pasta or Tinkyada brand. Both have excellent taste and structure.
  2. Use an extra large pot with plenty of water
  3. Watch it VERY closely as it can go from al dente to mush in mere seconds.
  4. Always cook to al dente and drain immediately.
  5. Rinse briefly with cold water and if you won’t be serving immediately, toss with a little olive oil to keep it from sticking together.

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Lyn Ott

Monday 19th of February 2024

I will never eat at an Olive Garden again. Early in my days as a person diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had a lot to learn, but I never expected the experience with Olive Garden that I had. I told the server I had Celiac Disease and ordered their gluten free pasta dish. I specifically asked if they used a separate pot, water, and utensils when making the pasta and was told that yes they did. When my dish came it had regular spaghetti noodle mixed into my GF pasta. I then showed it to the server, who took it back and said they would make me a new dish. The second plate of GF pasta came with wheat spaghetti noodles again. I told them to take it back and didn't order anything else. When my husband finished his meal and the check came they actually charged me for the GF meal I never got. I asked for the manager and when I explained what happened, he apologized but still charged me for the meal I never touched. So, contrary to what their web site says they DO Not use a separate pot or water to cook their pasta. Skip Olive Garden if you have Celiac Disease.

Celeste Noland

Thursday 22nd of February 2024

Yikes! I'm so sorry you had that experience and appreciate you sharing it. I wouldn't recommend Olive Garden for someone who has celiac disease.

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