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Ogden Farmer’s Market on Historic 25th Street

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If you’re looking for something fun to do in Northern UT during the Summer, hit the Ogden Farmer’s Market on Historic 25th Street! Enjoy live entertainment, farm fresh produce, free train rides, and lots of handmade items.


If you’re in Norther UT, 25th street is a must. It’s fun to simply walk and look at the old buildings and shops, and during the summer months Historic 25th Street hosts the Ogden Farmer’s Market.

Here’s what’s included in this post:

  • Fun things we saw (have you ever seen the Beatles band members painted on a piano?)
  • Our favorite finds
  • Tips on how to stay safe at a Farmer’s Market when you have dietary restrictions,
  • Everything you need to know before you visit the Ogden Farmer’s Market!

Saturdays at the Ogden Farmer's Market on Historic 25th Street


Our family loves to shop for weekly produce there so we can get it fresh from local farms. There’s usually a great selection but we’ve found that you’ll have the best options if you arrive early. This week we picked up a bucket of pitted cherries which will be the perfect topping for this No-Bake Black Bottom Cheesecake! We also bought some freshly dried tart cherries and Oh, are they delicious!  


Fresh apricots for sale at the Ogden Farmer's Market


Of course we needed apricots for the hubby, fresh raspberries for the kids, and micro greens for me. Have you tried micro greens? I picked up a package at Trader Joe’s a few months back and love them. They’re fresh greens grown slightly past the sprouting stage, so they’re small, crisp, and nutrient-dense. I chatted with the grower for a bit which is another fun part of Farmer’s markets. He’s been growing them for over 30 years! There was basil (smelled AMAZING!), peas, kale, and arugula, and I opted for the last two. They’re great as a salad topper, garnish, or in sandwiches (tuna’s my fav).


Micro greens for sale at the Ogden Farmer's Market


It’s always fun to see the handmade items that local vendors bring to the Ogden Farmer’s Market. Don’t you just LOVE this gorgeous pottery? It’s a food blogger’s dream 😉


Handmade pottery at the Ogden Farmer's Market


I’ve been wanting to get some succulents because…maybe that would be the one plant that can survive my care? haha! I definitely don’t have a green thumb and I love how easy they are to care for, it’s also a great beginner’s plant for the kids to have. We found this fun booth that has a variety of succulents shipped in from Hawaii and California. I love the fun pots they have planted them in and aren’t the macrame hangers adorbs?? I think I need one for our deck. Do you have succulents? Tell me it’s as easy as it looks 😉


Succulents at the Ogden Farmer's Market


We’ve been having record high temps the past few days, so after wandering for an hour or so everyone needed something to cool down. The kids got shaved ice and Hubby and I found this quaint beverage truck. They only use fruit, veggies, water, and herbs, and have no equipment. Everything is juiced by hand and shaken in a mason jar.


Boison Artisan Beverages


We decided to split the Hydration Smoothie which has mango, banana, and coconut water. You can order all drinks with sugar or stevia and we opted for stevia. While they were preparing our drink, he gave us a taste of a new ginger shot they’re developing. This was the first time I had tried ginger in a drink, and I really liked it! It had a pleasantly spicy kick at the end and had some other flavors to balance it out. We loved the drink and it sure tasted good after being in the heat.


Summer at the Ogden Farmer's Market: Sipping a Hydration Smoothie from Boisson Artisan Beverage truck


Of course, we had to stop by one of our favorite restaurants who had a booth set up. Thai Curry Kitchen is a small restaurant on 25th street just East of Washington BLVD (just a few blocks from the Ogden Farmer’s Market). Everything on the menu is gluten free minus fried shallots they use as a topping if requested (they told me it’s kept separate of all other items and they change gloves after using). The entire menu is also dairy free and they have vegan options. Unfortunately for us, almost everything on the menu does contain soy (they use tamari, a gluten free soy sauce in most dishes). Currently, their Cucumber Coconut Salad and Green Papaya salad are the 2 items that don’t contain soy. If you go, be sure to let them know if you’re gluten free and, of course, avoid the fried shallots. My fav dish is the Green Chicken Curry, but it’s all good 😉


Thai Curry Kitchen at the Ogden Farmer's Market


If you’ve been to Ogden, I’m sure you’ve seen these painted horses, the kids love seeing how many they can find!


Visit Historic 25th Street in Ogden, UT


What’s even cooler than a painted horse? A piano tribute to the Beatles. Like an actual piano with their faces painted on…Just one of many fun things you’ll spot on Historic 25th Street 😉


This is the most creatively painted piano I've ever seen!


There were some beautiful fresh flowers from Black Bear Flowers…


Black Bear Flowers at the Ogden Farmer's Market


And fresh, local, raw honey from Utah’s Own Beehive Naturals. Did you know that consuming local raw honey can help with season allergies? It’s a (tasty) life saver in our house!


Natural, raw honey for sale at the Ogden Farmer's Market


Have you been to the Ogden Farmer’s Market? What’s your favorite thing to look at/buy there? Let us know in the comments!

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Tips for Visiting Farmer’s Markets with Dietary Restrictions:

  1. Select produce from the back of the display to avoid many hands touching your produce before you get it. 
  2. If you’re buying pre-made food from a vendor, ask questions first. Vendors are busy serving long lines of customers and have such small spaces to work in that even if they have gluten free options, it can be difficult for them to avoid cross contamination.
  3. If you find a vendor that seems safe (such as Thai Curry Kitchen above), don’t be afraid to ask questions to be sure. Even items like snow cones can contain allergens or come in contact with them so use your discretion and always play it safe.
  4. Be aware that things like jams and jellies can contain allergens/gluten. It’s likely that most have been prepared in a kitchen space that is cross contaminated so although they’re tasty, we usually pass. Use your discretion.
  5. If you’re bringing the kids (and the kids have food restrictions), be sure to keep an eye on them as there are often samples.
  6. Have fun looking at all the different types of produce (your kids might not have seem some before and it could be fun to try some new ones!) and finding other fun things to look at. As I mentioned, our kids love looking for different painted horses and they also like to look at things like pottery and art.
  7. Go early to avoid crowds.


Before you go:


9am – 2pm (get there early for the best selection and to beat the heat!)


2017 DATES:

Saturdays June 24th – September 16



The Farmer’s Market runs along 25th street from Wall to Washington. The street itself is closed for the market but there is plenty of parking on surrounding streets or in parking lots between 25th and 24th street. 




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