Gluten Free Product Lists

Gluten Free Product ListsAlthough we all wish that products were clearly labeled as gluten free or not, that just isn’t the case. Here are few lists I’ve found to help you know what’s what before you hit the store.

Breyers gluten free ice creams

Hershey’s gluten free product list

Lay’s gluten free product list (Pay attention to the wording, there are two lists: 1 for products containing less than 20ppm gluten, and another for products that don’t contain gluten but which are not tested.

Gluten Dude’s list of products that are gluten free (or not)

Gluten Free Living’s Ingredient Index: a helpful list of ingredients you might see on food labels, their description, and if they are gluten free or not.

Gluten Away’s gluten free candy list

A very comprehensive list of which candy is gluten free or not (never realized Altoids Smalls are not gluten free due to wheat maltodextrin!)

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips (Semi-sweet morsels, these are labeled gluten free and link includes specific allergen list)

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