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The good folks at Wellaby’s gave us a very generous box of gluten free snacks to try out and review. Their line of gluten free crackers are some of the best tasting out there, in our opinion. I’ve included some pictures, as well as some ideas of how you could use some Wellaby’s in your life 🙂 At the bottom of this post, you will find our full review.


Lots of tree nut/peanut free folks out there, and they can enjoy these. too. Because of all the cheese, these do pack a decent amount of protein which is also nice.


I think I was expecting these to have a little more flavor, but the cinnamon sugar was very subtle. I liked them dipped in the Greek Yogurt/peanut butter dip I make and also dipped in chocolate on Christmas Eve 😉


The resident Gluten Free Tester Guy (GFTG) deemed these his favorite.

Not my favorite, perhaps because I was expecting them to be a little fluffier like wheat pita chips. They are also fairly small which can make dipping difficult (that’s a definite sin, you know). GFTG didn’t mind them though.


These were my personal fav, they really had a good flavor. Pair them with cooked turkey (or chicken or lunch meat) and some swiss cheese slices for lunch!

A few things I like about Wellaby’s products:

  1. Good source of calcium and protein.
  2. Non-gritty great tasting gluten free crackers.
  3. Made in a dedicated gluten free facility
  4. Baked, not fried.

On the flip side:

  1. Sodium content is fairly high, if you’re on a low sodium diet, this is not the snack for you.
  2. First ingredient is starch. We try to eat healthy at our house and therefore don’t eat a lot of crackers to begin with. You usually can’t count on crackers to be very healthy.

Head over to Wellaby’s website to check out all of their products!

Disclosure: Wellaby’s provided these products free of charge for me to try, review, and give away. All opinions are my own.

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    September 1, 2015 at 9:23 am

    These are my favorite GF crackers. I love all of the flavors. I can’t buy a box too frequently because I will eat them all on the way home from the store. The pita chips are awesome with cheese slices.

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