Recipe Review: GF Jules Homemade Tortillas


I needed a quick dinner last night, so I turned to my go-to last minute meal: Tacos.IMG_7206The only problem was we had run out of gluten free tortillas. Fail! I decided to look up a recipe I had seen on Jules Shepard’s Instagram a few weeks back for gluten free tortillas using her flour, and it looked pretty simple so I whipped up a batch.


 The kind you can wrap around your taco without the tortilla cracking.


The next day my husband fried a leftover tortilla in a bit of oil and had another taco-still delicious. Next time we make them (and there will definitely be a next time!), we will try freezing some. IMG_7209This is a recipe I highly recommend!


    • I used real butter, softened
    • These pie crust bags are a must for gluten free baking! I very lightly dusted them with Jules all-purpose flour and inverted it over the griddle-the tortillas came right off without sticking or tearing.

A Few Things I Love About GF Jules:

  1. Her all purpose flour is absolutely THE BEST substitute for wheat flour in sauces and gravies. The Best.
  2. Her products and recipe are very allergy friendly. She includes substitutions for just about everything in her recipes.
  3. She has, of course, an all-purpose flour as well as a variety of mixes. She also has lots of recipes on her site and I have yet to try one we don’t enjoy.
  4. You can order GF Jules products online, and they are now being sold in stores. If your local store doesn’t carry them yet, request that they do!

On the Flipside:

  1. I have tried a few of my favorite recipes using GF Jules all purpose flour that turned out tasting a little too starchy for my liking. None of the recipes I pulled from her website turned out this way though, we have loved every one (try her beer bread!!!)
  2. All purpose flour mix has little to no nutritional value, which is why I use my flour mix for most of my baking. It contains sorghum flour which is very nutritious, as well as brown rice flour.

Mrs Anderson’s Pie Crust Maker Set, 11in and 14in Maker

GF Jules GF Flour Tortillas Recipe

Life After Wheat’s Favorite Taco Meat

If you need additional inspiration on what to do with GF Jules flour, check out her website or these recipes:

GF Jules Beer Bread (GF Jules)

Homestyle Mac & Cheese (Life After Wheat)

Better-Than-Ding-Dongs Cake (Life After Wheat)

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    The link for the GF tortillas is no good. I can’t find the recipe any where.

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